Wide selection, convenient to buy

It will certainly not be any ordinary shopping you are accustomed to. Prepare yourself for a completely different experience. A visit to the Oriental Carpet shop in the centre of Prague is such a small feast. Buchara Company offers several thousand of these original gems, and once you enter, you will find yourself in the Orient. The unobtrusive beauty of these traditional carpet-made carpets can impress with the power that will delight everyone. The choice is all traditional dimensions and shapes, and of course classic motifs and patterns. Those who are interested in newer designs can choose from a menu of moderns.
Carpets for demanding
Oriental rugs are able to get the attention of absolutely everyone. Their perfectly crafted craftsmanship combined with their insatorous beauty and spice-up a lot of history makes them a wide application. Their offer is so wide and varied that, among all the oriental beauty, everyone can choose their original. The Buchara shop in Prague is the ideal place to satisfy all of your claims related to these hand-woven carpets. Those who settle for beauty can also choose through the Internet.