Typical Czech Classics

Who would not know typical Czech classic draught ice cream. Unfortunately, it has disappeared for many years from the offer of various confectioneries or snack stalls and replaced it with a scoop of ice cream. We've reanimated the draft ice cream. In our offer you can find both ready-made mixtures as well as mixtures of powdered, which, after mixing in your ice cream machine, you may of course pasteurize. So if you want to offer this Czech classics, do not hesitate to contact us.
Draught Ice Cream
The draft ice cream has come back again, gaining more and more supporters. Our draft ice cream can have a creamy or fruity base. You can choose from several different flavors. If you decide to sell ice cream made from our powdering mixtures, then you will expand your customers ' portfolio, because this type of ice cream is gluten free and can also be enjoyed by people suffering from celiac disease.