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Experiencing a loss of menstruation is called menopause.

The period in the life of a woman, when slowly experiencing a loss of menstruation, is called menopause. Sometimes we divide this period in more detail, namely the premenopausum, which occurs roughly six years of penultimate menstruation, after it occurs its own menopause, which is initiated by the last hemorrhage, followed by a year without bleeding.

The last third period is called the postmenopausal period and lasts roughly six years after the menopause. The average age of menopause is fixed at about 51 years. Some disorders are characteristic of this period, whether it is hot flushes, excessive sweating especially at night, heart rhythm disturbances and others.
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Women very often complain of fatigue, especially in the morning. Reduced resistance to stress and concentration problems are also very unpleasant. Fear, irritability and sometimes even depression, these are other unpleasant companions of menopause. From all these symptoms the menopause will protect you with your new Menox.