Mácha Lake

Do you have a voucher for a holiday in the Mácha Lake area this year? If you are in the hotel complex, take advantage of the fitness, bowling, indoor pool with hot tub, table tennis or radiant badminton.
Do you have a sporting spirit and all this is not enough? Then you can take advantage of attractions in the area of sports grounds-beach volleyball, table tennis, bowling, petanque, multipurpose playground, streetball playground, minigolf in the Forest Park, training wall for tennis, courts, outdoor swimming pool with paddling room. Mácha's lake will not stop surprising you.
What if it's rainy?
Even in rainy weather you don't despair that you will get bored. Rich offers of the resort, program, wellness services and more. The Sauna, hot tub and relaxing massages will make you feel good for your body and soul. Relax and relax, Mácha Lake is the ideal place for your holiday.