I'm the head of one amazing kindergarten, where we have two hundred different old kids in classes of twenty children. As every year we go to kindergartens in motion activities such as running, throw and various other forms of movement. This year we found an amazingly good company that likes the principles applied in our kindergarten and offered us a sponsorship donation in the form of paying the same T-shirts for our wards and trusts.
Sponsor Donation
I am very glad to accept this offer, because it emphasise that our nursery is held together and we distinguish it from other nurseries. It will not happen that our children are mixed with others and we will have to follow closely which child is ours and which do not. It will also make our frequent trips out of kindergarten, where these T-shirts are also used as a rescue when you wander the little children and the presentation of the nursery. Ordered advertising textiles came to us very quickly and all pleased.